Dewar’s + Baccarat + friends + the U.S. Open makes for a perfect Sunday in Florida.

In Orlando’s historic heart, where city leaders, artists and captains of industry have been socializing for more than a century, an affair to celebrate the 121st U.S. Open Championship proved that the tradition of good friends, great spirits, and premium entertaining never goes out of style. In line with the occasion’s major status, Dewar’s 19 Year Old Champions Edition was the libation of choice, served in stunning Baccarat glasses made especially for the spirit.

The get-together was held at the Wilson residence, an historic home in an Orlando neighborhood that was founded in the late 19th century—at roughly the same time Tommy Dewar invented the Highball. Dewar would have been proud of the pours, chilled by huge ice golf balls and enjoyed throughout the tournament. As the official blended Scotch whisky of the U.S. Open Championship—and as the brand that essentially made whisky a social affair—Dewar’s was the obvious choice, and specifically the 19 Year Old Champions Edition, created with the USGA.

Glasses were raised as John Rahm put an exclamation point on his first Father’s Day as a father—and now a major champion—and the toast was done in serious style, thanks to the collaboration of Dewar’s and Baccarat. The storied crystal house worked with Dewar’s on a custom set of Baccarat Béluga Tumblers, which Dewar’s says will be available to select VIPs.

Whether the apparent hint of golf flavor in the tumblers’ design is by intention or not we do not know, but we are certain that in an historic house, on the historic occasion of the 121st U.S. Open, the finest time was had with the finest possible Sunday foursome: great friends, great golf, Dewar’s 19 Year Old, and Baccarat—a major win, indeed.


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