Cooling Ceramics

Just soak this ceramic chiller in water for a few minutes before use and wine will stay cool for hours. Sleek, modern, effective (and Finnish) it’s also possible to write on the side of this in chalk: “Please replace bottle when empty” seems an obvious note

Spiral Chiller

Designed by Lisa Smith and Linda Celentano for Nambé, this Spiral Wine Chiller should spend some time in the freezer before becoming functional art on your table

Corvi Chiller

Handmade from concrete and designed to resemble the facets of a gem, the Corvi from Chicago firm IntoConcrete stays cold after freezing due to concrete’s mass.

We just like the look of the thing and the fact that it’s available in numerous colors

3 In 1 Wine Cooler

Wine chiller (with two tops) and ice bucket, this cool tool from Loooqs does triple duty to keep your pour fresh; the double-walled bucket can be filled with liquid and put in the freezer prior to use, making for long-term chill

Tilt Chiller

Another chiller from Nambé, this slightly simpler design is effective, with tests showing it kept wine cool for nearly three times longer than wine simply set on the table. Now if only it could make the wine last longer…

Eye Collection

Designer Thomas Fuchs isn’t exactly reserved when it comes to visual expression, hence his pieces being available at Barneys, Neiman Marcus and other stores willing to push the envelope. The Eye Collection Chiller might be hard to find, but other surprising collections are available now for all who dare…

Kool Twister

Chill sticks (or chill wands) are placed in the freezer for a few hours then inserted into wine bottles to keep and to serve the wine (which flows through them) cold. This one from Final Touch is a relatively easy find online

Chiller Stick

The Chiller Stick from My Wine Passion is an aerator, pourer and cooler sold by a couple who love wine—a great option from sincere fans

This article appeared in Issue 5 of Women's Golf Journal.

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