Introducing, The Latina Golfers Association:

The champagne and margaritas are flowing while the cigar bar for women is surrounded by eager diva golfers gearing up for their 9-hole shotgun golf tournament organized by the Latina Golfers Association (LGA). No, this is clearly not your mother’s women’s golf club outing. Far from it. Over 150 business women have gathered for camaraderie, to network for business, and to be entertained by the mariachis on-hand to serve them exotic guava vodka cocktails.

The LGA provides a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere for women to learn how to utilize golf as a business tool in order to shatter the glass ceiling with a golf ball. With over 1,500 members in Los Angeles county, the LGA is making a difference in women’s lives by introducing them to the world of golf. They have even incorporated destination golf & spa trips into their catalogue of golf experiences.

In October, the LGA is hosting a Learn How To Play Golf While On A Spa Vacation outing in Loreto, Baja Mexico at the Villas del Palmar Resort and selected Danzante Bay Golf Club, featured in WGJ as one of the top 10 golf resorts in Mexico, because of its design which integrates several tee boxes making it possible for all levels of golfers to reach the greens in regulation. It also features an 18 putting green course perfect for newbies. Everyone is welcome to participate in LGA outings. To find out more about the Latina Golfers Association visit their website at

Photography by Belinda Guizar and Lidia Pires.


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